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TelltheBell is a feedback program for Taco Bell in which Taco Bell offers its customers a portal where the customers can share their genuine reviews with the company. The feedback needs to be genuine and not fake like some other product and the best thing about this survey is that the company gives a chance to the customers to win a cash prize of around $500 in a cheque. The  winners will be selected in a random way from any lottery and they will be informed soon via an email which will be sent to their email id.

TellTheBell Survey : Everything You Need to Know


Eligibility Criteria for Tell the Bell Survey:

  • For any person to be considered eligible for the Tell The Bell survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • The person must have an invoice of Taco Bell with the Tellthebell survey code with them.            

What are the Rules & Conditions in the Taco Bell Survey?

  • If you wish to take up the survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can only take the survey one time.
  • You won’t able able to leave the survey in mid-way or else it won’t be counted
  • You are supposed to complete the survey at one entry itself.
  • Suppose, if you leave the survey mid-way and later on you want to take it, you will have to start afresh with a new invoice number.

What are the requirements to participate in Tell the Bell Survey?

If you wish to participate in the Taco Bell Survey and also want to be declared as one of Tell the bell winners, it is important to follow some of the rules and requirements. These are:

  • A PC/laptop or a mobile phone with working internet service.
  • Taco Bell Shop Number.
  • Time and Date of your Invoice.
  • A Taco Bell Invoice.
  • 16 digit taco bell survey code which is printed on the invoice.

What are the steps to Participate in the Tell the Bell Survey:


If you want to participate in any survey, you would need to know the rules, eligibility and also requirements as these are the important steps of your journey towards being a winner in the Taco Bell survey. One of the main parts towards being the winner are the steps of doing the survey completely. So, you need to keep in mind that if you make a mistake, your entry will be disqualified, and then you may have to enter again with a new invoice number. 

So to avoid being disqualified, we will be going to guide you through the entire process of participating in the survey.

  1. Use your PC or laptop or any device like mobile. You need to make sure that the internet is working.
  2. Open any web browser that you use most of the time.
  3. In the address bar, type the website of and click on the go.
  4. Enter the code that has been provided in the invoice. The code will be of 16 digits.
  5.  You may need to enter the shop number, date and time when you had last visited Taco Bell. 
  6. After that, a start button will appear. Click on it.
  7.  The answers should be based on real experience.
  8. When you are done answering the questions, the website will give you a link that will buy you a free entry into Sweepstakes. This entry will make you eligible to win a $500 prize.

How does Taco Bell decide the Winners for the Survey?


I am quite sure that you know about Taco Bell by now like what are the benefits of participating in the survey, what are the rules and how you can participate. Let’s talk about how Taco Bell decides the winner from so many participants. 

Once you are done with the last remaining question, Tell the bell site will need your personal information, like your name, number, address and email id. This information is to only contact you in case you win. After you have submitted the details, it will buy you a free entry into Sweepstakes. Sweepstakes is a place where online lottery takes place in around 12 slots.

These slots are then divided into weeks. 

One week for one slot. Your entry will then be recorded as the participant for that particular week. 

After the Sweepstakes has completed its lottery, 4 lucky people will be selected as the final winner for that week and then their names will be announced on the official website. Those who are the winner, will also be notified via your email id within a few days after the results have been declared.

You may need to submit some extra documents for your identity like your age and residence. After everything is done, soon you will be provided a $500 cheque.

Most Common Questions Asked in the Taco Bell Customer Survey:

Most of the questions that will be asked in the survey would definitely be about your purchase and your review for it. The questions can be asked on the basis of products and the services that you are offered. Here are some questions which can give you some idea about the survey.

  • The first question that will be asked will most probably be related to your overall satisfaction after you have received the product and also consumed it.
  • In the next question, they might ask you about the service you have opted for when you had placed the order. There will be options like Dine-in, Carry-out, and others.
  • The next question will be on the level of satisfaction related to the service you have received. 
  • And then the next question will be related to the staff members like their nature, how friendly were they.
  • And then you will be given a textbox where you can write your feedback.
  • At the end, the last question will be related to your revisit. If you would want to revisit.

Rewards for the Tellthebell Customer Survey:

If you have already participated in such surveys for some other companies, then I am quite sure you will be aware of the fact that most of the companies do not offer any kind of reward to their customers for just reviews. 

When you participate in Taco bell Tell the bell survey, you will get a free entry into the Sweepstakes program. In the Sweepstakes program there are slots available and that will be booked for you. Later on, a particular customer will be announced as the TelltheBell survey winner, who will win a prize of $500.

The customer will be informed within 2 or 3 days after the results via the mail address they have provided during registration. After receiving the mail, they will be asked to come to the office with documents related to their age and proof of address. After providing them with the documents, they will be giving you the $500 cheque in your name.

  • Rewards – $500 In Cheque
  • Validity – 20 days after the results have been declared
  • Required Age – 18 years and above
  • Language – English and Spanish
  • Website –

Conclusion :

Many companies have survey programs which their customers can take online. But, TellTheBell is one such survey where the customers can win $500 just by answering some simple questions.